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Okay, quick run down about my absence, fawnlings, activity, etc. Past several months I've been battling with illness, severe anxiety attacks, college transfers, got a working student position with one of the top dressage professionals in my area, working on the launch of a business, traveling, and got asked to present on a panel at an undergraduate research conference. So my life has been insane and there's been virtually no time for art, roleplay, or anything really other than work. I also lost access to my usual art program (SAI, which for some reason refuses to open up on my computer... help?) and attempting to learn how to use PS in it's place isn't going so hot. So what happens now?

I will be rehoming some designs/fawnlings (at this time I can only confirm that Olwen and the design I did for Tyrade will be made available). I will likely retire Ferine and make her an NPC as her plot line has moved drastically and I cannot and have not been able to keep up with the frantic pace of other characters and RPers involved. She's got a fawn that was supposed to happen, but not sure what's gunna go on there. Possibly a miscarriage? Idk. Will have to speak with others who are involved in their story.

I'm devising a story for Rowan to account for his absense, but consider him officially MIA in story. Most likely I will be crafting a plot for him where he will be presumed dead while I write independent stories for him until he's capable to return in a manner where I feel more intune with him.

No clue what's going to happen with Inali as of yet. As she is still young I am open to plot ideas, but she is most certainly not open for breeding. 

I have a christmas design that will be made into a doe for either Windbourne, Oakfern, or Glenmore. I'm not sure yet as I'll be holding on to it until such a time when I think I can make her active.

LASTLY. Because I am unable to gain access to SAI at this time anything I was previously working on in that file format is unable to be retrieved at this time. So all my works in progress, collabs, etc... I can't get to them. I click on the SAI icon and the mouse will start the loading icon, but then it never opens and doesn't appear in my applications, so until I can get that sorted I'm sort of SOL. If anyone has experienced anything like this, has a cracked version they can send me, or thinks they might know how to fix the problem please let me know. 

Saturday/tomorrow is my research conference and after that I only have one essay due in several weeks time so I'll finally be able to breathe and relax and enjoy things such as DA.

Going to tag people who I used to RP with to make sure this is seen:
meganeffingsandbox TigressDesign mule-deer Eternityspool Ettid nyxxiis mangomoose manicmondays 

UPDATE: illness continues

Thu Dec 25, 2014, 9:46 AM
head cold is now a chest cold... merry christmas to me *coughs/barks*

going to the walk-in tomorrow so hopefully they'll give me something to help.

I MISS YOU ALL T_T *grabby hands*

Finished my Exams friday, but past four days I've been suffering with the headcold from hell.
Julia/Minx-Cloverhill (Agymah/Lesedi's mama) is streaming fawnling stuff
No deviants said

Here there be Fawnlings.

Fri Jan 3, 2014, 11:31 AM

Lord Rowan | Stag | Royal by hartandhind


10 yr old Glenmore Lord

Currently: being kind of boring and trying to stay out of everyone's way. Need something to motivate his dapply little butt. 

Sparring: Rowan will take any chance to train with an better stag to increase his own physicality. 
Fighting: Looking for fights with stags close to his own level right now. No beat downs. We can determine results by roll or just planning it.
Friends: Always open for plenty of this.
Rivals: Always open again.
Love Interests: He already has two... so... not open.
Magic: He is open to train others. Lady Mor is his tutor.
Herblore: Not open to train anyone just yet. Lady Mor is his tutor.

Inali | Doe | Herdmember by hartandhind


4 yr old Blackwood Herdmember

Currently: living with Hagen and his family after the death of her father, Bodhran in a magical mishap. She's a little emotionally wounded from it all still, and in a bitter state where she'll curse/hex someone for the slightest of offenses, so she's just a bundle of fun right now.

Sparring: She won't get her antlers until next year, so this is on hold until then.
Fighting: This is the same too.
Friends: Definitely open to friends, though it's a foreign concept to her. She's also open to potential surrogate family since she's got a bit of a hole in her heart to fill.
Rivals: This is always open 
Love Interests: Not sure how this would work for her. She's a little on the manipulative side, but I'm open to ideas.
Magic: Currently apprenticing with Hagen, but looking for people to curse/hex with silly kid stuff or learn from.
Herblore: She could use any teaching with this too, or someone to do some basic healing on.

Olwen | Doe | Herd Member by hartandhind


Coming 2 yr old Oakfern King's Daughter

Currently: being a baby and the likes.  

Sparring: She's a bit of a bully, so she'll pick on anyone her own age or younger. 
Fighting: Again... a bully.
Friends: Bully... but I'm sure someone could get through to her.
Rivals: Yet again... bully. BRING IT ON.
Love Interests: She want's to be with Gaelach. So... her silly little fantasy probably won't let her accept anyone in her mind as a replacement, but there's always plotting for the future. She could hate the stag she ends up with for now. 
Magic: Too young. 
Herblore: Too young.

Ferine | Doe | Healer by hartandhind


12 yr old Windborne Fugitive/Healer

Currently: all I can say is she's with the alliance now. Rest will be revealed shortly.

Sparring: Due to the fact her ex is probably trying to chase her down as we speak for leaving him for her best friend/his worst enemy, she should probably learn how to defend herself. BRING ON THE INSTRUCTION!
Fighting: She's too weak right now.
Friends: She kinda lacks in this area... Jeet has been her greatest friend for near the entirety of her life, and she's kind just, avoided everyone else.
Rivals: Pretty sure Fox and the entirety of the main herds army falls on this list now. 
Love Interests: Life mates with Jeet.
Magic: I'm looking for a plot that would help her to gain a small amount of control of her magic. She's Glenmorian by birth, so I'm not sure how it would work since she's in Windborne, but yeah.
Herblore: She's advanced level, so bring on the patients! Though her time will be limited in the very near future.

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